Eco-friendly products to kill weeds

Everyone who has backyard has a problem with weeds. They can grow anywhere and if you don’t maintain your garden regularly, weeds will take dominance after some time. Keeping your garden clean of weeds is a common gardening job. Everyone today can reach for an herbicide and spray the weeds, but is that the best way to do it? If we think about it for a second, no one of us wants toxic chemicals in our backyards and herbicides are toxic, indeed. It is true that herbicides kill weeds almost instantly, but they have many side-effects.

They hurt the soil so much that it’s hard to plant anything there for years. They can poison food, water and air. Although many of them are legally used, you should think twice before buying one. So, if we aren’t allowed to use them to kill weeds what can we use? Fortunately, people who really care about their gardens and nature after all, have come up with some ideas and natural ways of killing backyard weeds. Here are few of those ways that will help you to keep your garden “green”.

The first natural product you should consider is vinegar. It is cheap and natural, so it won’t harm the earth or water or any other eco-system. It can be mixed with water in a ratio that mostly depends on type of weed you’re trying to kill. In order to completely destroy the weed, pouring the vinegar is recommendable, but since you probably don’t have that much, mixing with water will do the job. This way is of killing weeds is powerful and effective.

Another thing you can try is killing weeds with hot water. So, you heat the water so that it boils and pour over the plant. It works almost instantly. You should be careful that you don’t burn yourself or other plants in your backyard. That being said, this method gives the best results in killing weeds outside of backyard, like sideways etc. Another reason this method should not be used in backyard is because it isn’t good for soil, since it kills everything that it touches, like larvae.

Salt is good for killing weeds also. Mixed with water, salt represents powerful sterilizer that shouldn’t be used at the places you plan to use afterwards.

Maybe the most natural way to get rid of the weeds is fire. “Propane torch” will do the job.

All of these methods will kill the weeds instantly, but in order to really get rid of them is to take their roots out. That’s how you make sure that there is nothing left and that you won’t see weeds there for quite a long time.

There is one thing we didn’t mentioned and that’s the old fashioned way of pulling the weeds. There are several advantages of this method, but the best one is that you get rid of the root as well. This method is recommendable if you have small backyard. No need to use any of above mentioned methods if you can pull all the weed for half an hour.