Landscaping tools you need for your yard

Gardening is a very joyful job. You get a fresh air, sun and a clear mind. It’s definitely one of the healthiest activities a person can do. But, in order to have a really joyful gardening experience, you have to possess some of the basic tools for gardening. Don’t worry, it isn’t something that will cost you a fortune, since you can get these in your local shop.

Anyway, when you buy gardening tools, you should look for the ones that have wooden or steel handles. That’s how you make sure that they won’t brake quickly. If you buy metal tools, look for the stainless steel. You don’t want rust in your yard, right? You should look for the right size also. Don’t buy something that you cannot store easily. Here are some of the must-have tools for your yard.

  • Gloves

A gardening gloves is a first thing that comes to mind when you want to get out and do something in your garden. Nobody wants their hands to get dirty and with gloves they won’t. Depending n a job you plan to do, there are few types of gloves. Synthetic ones are general purpose gloves. There are also latex gloves. The high-quality gloves can be bought for about $35, but there are a lot of cheaper ones. Anyway, it is recommendable that you buy good gloves, because they get in touch with your skin and could possibly cause an infection.

  • Hori-hori

There is a reason this Japanese knife is on this list before some other gardening tools you might think of. Hori-hori is multi-practical tool that can do more than one job and it’s sometimes everything you need. Even digging is an easy thing for this knife. It shouldn’t cost more than $30 and it’s very good investment.

  • Shovel

If you want to plant something, it isn’t possible to dig a hole without a shovel. There are several types of shovel on the market, and you have to choose one according to your needs. So, shovel is a must-have in your toolbox. You can get round headed one for $45.

  • Hand pruner

This tool is a small version of long pruner. Its main usage is to cut short branches that aren’t particularly thick. Beside branches, they can cut whatever you want that isn’t thick, so this tool is quite useful. It can be bought for $35.

  • Shears

Also very useful cutting tool. It’s a replacement for pruner when it comes to cutting grass or flowers. $18 is the rice you have to pay for these.

To summarise everything, basic tools you need for garden are the ones that can cut different types of branches and grass, then tools that dig and the protection for your hands, of course. When we add all these prices, we get a total price of around $150. That’s the cost of all the fun and exercise you can get when you are gardening.